Intra-Oral Camera & Parts

Recent advancements and innovations in dental diagnostic armamentarium have made it quite easy to evaluate and form a comprehensive differential diagnosis of dental and oral abnormalities and disorders. Furthermore, the latest innovative and ingenious equipment also helps the dental health care professionals in explaining the process of decay, staining and gum diseases to the patients for getting an informed consent and performing the treatment procedures without dental phobia. Intraoral cameras have been considered a revolutionary innovation in diagnostic dental sciences. These cameras are non-invasive and easy to use. Skydentalsupply offers state of the art, cost-effective and user-friendly intraoral cameras which have the capability to show clear images of teeth and gums with the utmost precision and accuracy. These intraoral live images of oral soft and hard tissues make it so convenient for the dentists to correlate the patient history and radiographs with the clinical condition for making an exact diagnosis.

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