For dental equipment, we’ve got it all! 

Check out our curing lights, like the Cure II cordless LED system. It’s the latest in high-power LED technology, putting out 1200mWcm2 in two different output modes. It cuts manufacture-recommended cure time in half on compatible cure materials. It’s small and light, and ergonomically perfect for gripping from any angle. And remember – it’s cordless! 

We’ve got handpieces, that work at every angle, at every speed, in light or heavy duty. Take a look at the #220 handpiece and foot control from Buffalo Dental, the new 40,000 RPM handpiece with upgraded bearings and more durable square carbon brushes. The console is better, too, with dual power outlets now, to allow fast and easy handpiece switching. A higher-voltage output and additional overload control help protect the handpiece during extended heavy grinding. 

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ScanX Intraoral
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